A-Ilupeju E.N.T Hospital

Client : A-Ilupeju Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital (2017)

Role : UI Design, UX Design/Research

Active : view the website here

A-Ilupeju ENT Hospital Full Home Page UI Design

A-Ilupeju hospital is a prominent E.N.T hospital that is located in Lagos, Nigeria. I was hired to redesign their website following dissatisfaction with a previous attempt by another UI Designer. Through several meetings with the hospital management, I thoroughly understood their needs and successfully implemented them into the web interface.

To create a design that reflects the hospital’s core values of compassion and safety, I focused on evoking a sense of care and assurance for users while browsing the website. I utilized the hospital’s brand colors of pink (#d4588c) and blue (#a0cfec) to establish consistency and a strong brand identity.

One of the key features I incorporated was an appointment booking form, which provides a user-friendly experience for patients and first-time visitors. I chose the font family Inter, which conveys a sense of softness that aligns with the hospital’s identity. Additionally, I employed a hierarchical font size for headings and body content to ensure easy readability. To enhance accessibility, I included alt texts for all the images used on the website, enabling compatibility with screen reader technologies. I also ensured that the color contrast between the font color and background color of the website’s sections met the WebAIM pass mark.

My efforts resulted in a significant 80% increase in user engagement rate on the website. As a result, I was retained this time as the UI/UX Designer for the Hospital under a remote contract agreement.